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  Garratt Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing seed processing equipment for over 20 years. Our facility is located on the original site of the Garratt Homestead in Milestone, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The Garratt family also owns and operates Garratt Farms - growers and processors of award winning pedigreed seed.  
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Since Lyle Garratt crafted the first Gravity Table in 1986 to overcome shortcomings in equipment he had purchased for his seed cleaning plant, the Garratt family has been manufacturing seed processing equipment.

Garratt equipment is utilized at the family seed cleaning facility, resulting in direct knowledge of each products' performance, capabilities, and function.

When you purchase from Garratt Industries Ltd., you can purchase with confidence.  Equipment is not produced on an assembly line.  Each unit is manufactured on demand, and you can be assured that either Lyle or K.C. has been involved in designing and building your piece of equipment

The family run business provides customers the satisfaction of before and after sale service from the same people that build your unit, and have the desire to understand your individual needs.  On-site service is most often conducted by Lyle or K.C.

In addition, Garratt Industries Ltd. provides design services to help you configure floor plans for new and/or upgraded Processing Facilities

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